Town Information

A remote island nation in the Jacaranda region. Home to a small town of about 2000 people call Avatoala home, there is not much to do here but they've managed to eke out an existence without much trouble from the frontier. 

Scruffy's General Store and Sack Emporium — Run by a curious sack enthusiast by the name of Scruffy. Legend says that he's single-handedly destroyed all bags in Avatoala.

Hammer and Clamor — A smaller local forge run by the town's master smith; Will Smith.

Fetcher's Fletcher's — A hunting and outing shop run by the Fetcher triplets, here they sell all manner of hunting equipment.

The Hungry Kettle Restaurant & The Kingfisher Company — Respectively run by Naomi Kiele and Alistair Kingfisher.

Pain in the Glass Haberdashery — A haberdashery with all sorts of odd wares ranging from mundane to magical, owned and operated by Gideon.

Town Information

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