Current Rumors

Sigh "One of the damn adventurers came back mad. Some kind of weird sword gave him nightmares, found him sleepwalking, scratching something into the damn map. Where? Somewhere out west I guess, but why would you wanna go out there?" -Dave

"Some-a you adventurin folk went down to to that there pirate ship. Drove off the pirates, but came back talkin' about some kinda giant monster. Big, white, had wings and spat poison. Damn near killed em… what I heard. Prob'ly somethin in it for ya if you hunt that bastard down." -Scruffy

"Rumor has it, there's some kind of druid grove out in the western forest. I've heard there's some animal worshipping knights out that way. Freaks and weirdos, I say, but they've probably got a fair amount of treasure from attacking travelers over the years." -Dave


Somebody came back with a scroll that had a poem on it. 

The sword lies beyond

The mountain full of serpents

Jars of silver air

The way we figure it, we need to find a mountain full of snakes, and there'll be some amazing things past it. If anybody wants to follow up on this lead, I bet you'll find a great treasure at the end.

Alistair Kingfisher

The other day, a Kobold came into town and started flashing gold around. I talked him up, and apparently his band stole it from some adventurers up in the highlands. Far as anyone knows, they're hiding out somewhere in the highlands with all that cash.

Alastair Kingfisher

Dontcha-know, I hear dere's a cave up in dem dere mountains dat used to be a dragon's lair. Probly somtin good for anyone willin' to look.



Out east from the kogamaru tower, we saw a house on the lake island. Now that's not that strange, there's ruins all over that island. The strange part was, the lights were on.


Current Rumors

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