Mick Thistlechin

A stout hill dwarf that lives in the woods outside of Avatoala.


Ranger 5th lvl
High hp (54)
Good with paths (outlander)
Reads Dwarvish, Sylvan, Draconic
Proficient in dealing with beasts (ranger)
Resistant to poison
Not very charismatic (CHA: 8)
Doesn’t trust easily
Slow on his feet (25ft Movement)
Male Hill Dwarf Ranger
4’ 5" tall
163 lbs
Wrinkled face, with several small scars throughout
Gray hair with a receding hairline and a large bushy gray beard with what is probably moss growing within.
Mick is adorned with the finest of wolverine hide coats and homemade leather armor underneath. Mick also carries two Hand axes decorated with dwarven markings and an oak longbow.


Mick Thistlechin

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