Chance LaChance

Former Adventurer, founder of the LaChance Corp


“To join the LaChance corps is to join a tradition of dyed in the wool adventurers for hire, don’t let our appearance fool you the Corps is alive and well with its members working tirelessly to ensure Avatoala’s safety and prosperity; after all, we’re not the Kingfisher rabble.” — Chance LaChance


  • Lucian
  • Johnny Fiddlehead
  • Nobu of the Crimson Sanctum
  • Birdperson
  • Osborn

The Corps.

Equipment and Training
“If you’re dedicated to giving your best then I will help you become the best, as you perform your tasks and bring renown to the Corps you’ll gain invaluable help in the form of gear, equipment, and whatever trainings I can give you.”

Equipment, Magical. (Rank: Queen) Common magic items and uncommon weapons.
Equipment, Advanced. (Rank: Bishop) Armor, weapons, adventuring gear, thieves’ tools and poisons (if available).
Equipment, Basic. (Rank: Rook) Light Armor, weapons and adventuring gear that cost 10 sp or less.
Training. (Rank: Knight) You can train to gain proficiency with one of the following skills: Investigation or Stealth.

Notes to Players:

Dues are not a static amount due to the capricious nature of both adventuring and loot, these are suggested percentages of your part of the loot (not the total loot recovered)
Missions, keep track of total missions done for the appropriate guild as it dictates your rank within the guild this in no way affects your the missions you have to do to level up!

Chance LaChance

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