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The Town of Avatoala

Built in the rough center of Jacaranda is a bustling town, though simple in its construction and small in its scale the town has potential. With its harsh surroundings it is no surprise the inhabitants, no matter how jovial their nature, seem to be rough around the edges; it takes hardy people to not only live but thrive within the continents borders.


There are currently two guilds in this small town and the competition between them are fierce, though ultimately their goals are united; to continue growing the prosperity of Avatoala.

The Kingfisher Company

The LaChance Corp


A few shrewd businessmen ply there trade here, their livelihoods and the Guild's are intertwined; perhaps they have something of use?


Hammer and Clamor

Fetcher's Fletchers

The Hungry Kettle

Pain in the Glass

Bank of Aki

Public Buildings

These are other buildings important to the town; though they may sell items they're not exactly shops.

The Knights of Avatoala

The Church of Many

Main Page

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