Chance LaChance

A quick-witted and inquisitive Tiefling


Sorcerer 1 Rogue 4

Negotiator (Persuasion, Intimidation, Deception +5)
Wary (Perception +4)
Legerdemain Adept (Sleight of Hand +4)
Transportation (Carriage and Horses)

Low HP
Low AC
Greedy (Chance doesn’t want ALL of the loot, but he’s picky about what he wants)


I am Chance LaChance,* and I have retired. If one wishes to find me they’d have better luck looking towards my new base of operations, The House of Chance. This home inherited from one Paziros is now the home of the LaChance Adventuring Corps. Applications are 10s per submission.*

I speak well and think quickly which, hopefully, makes up for my eclectic mannerisms and peculiar approach to adventuring. A hobbyist in cartography, taxonomy and an amateur folklorist and explorer I look forward to unlocking the true fortune of this land — the secrets its dungeons hold.

Chance LaChance

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